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Greetings from Coach YANI & The SupaNatural Team:

Peace Peace! You are being personally invited to The Liberation Lounge (a communal work/healing space for Black Womxn and non-binary folks.) 💚

Working to complete a project? Launching your business and not carving out sacred time to map the plan? Need to sit and meditate for 45 min?

This space might be the perfect fit for you!

The Liberation Lounge is the latest offering of My SupaNatural Life founder, Coach YaNi.

In our current climate it has been difficult to focus and finish some of what we have set out to do. Many communities have been compromised due to the pandemic. We aren’t relating and sharing with one another in the ways we used to. As the seasons change, our habits also need to change accordingly. It’s time for activation and lasting transformation! 💥

Sponsored by My SupaNatural Life’s ministry SULUHU: dedicated to providing rest, ritual and renewal for Black women and Gender Expansive folks. Check out @MySupaNaturalLife at to learn more about our mission and vision.

What you can expect:
1. Opening meditation by Coach YaNi or Team Member
2. Time to share your work and what you plan to complete during the work hour. (Share as little or as much as you feel comfortable.)
3. Communal space to ask questions, gain insight, network.
4. Accountability partners, because….none of us can make it through on our own! 🙌🏽

Our meeting time will be 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST  -Every 1st and 4th Thursday of the month!
-We will meet for an 1 and 15 minutes.
-We will have brief meditation, intros, work session, close out.
-Zoom link will be sent upon application completion. If typing is too much on you, feel free to send a video with the following information to
-Any questions, comments or suggestions, please email

Coach YaNi ✌🏽

Register for
The Liberation Lounge
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