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American Sign Language to the World!

The SupaNatural Way Wellness Sessions!

SupaNatural Story Time! 

Come experience our community-driven educational experiences and sharing circles all grounding in the teachings/methods of The SupaNatural Way (our Newly Developed coaching guide!)

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The New Wave

Join us for a night of inspiration and family fun! YaNi has invited some of the country’s top coaches, creatives and community leaders to encourage and inspire our global village during these trying and challenging times. Be prepared for healing art and powerful conversations that speak to moving forward as community, fostering compassion in our everyday interactions and doing the heart-work to usher in The New Earth. We believe there is healing found in art and strive to create experiences that exemplify life and life more abundantly!  

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Suluhu, in Kiswahili means Peace/Reconciliation and represents the essence of what Suluhu is all about; creating rest, ritual and renewal space for Black womxn and Gender Expansive folks.


As a Womanist ministry that provides sacred space to members of the Afrikan Diaspora, we strive to uplift Black art, stories, expressions of joy and communalism. 


Suluhu was created because it is truly time to reconcile internally, with Great Spirit and with the global village. We have been in existence since May 2018 and we are looking forward to the healing spaces we will create together at our next gathering! Soon! 


The Liberation Lounge

The Liberation Lounge is the latest offering of My SupaNatural Life and Coach YaNi. In our current climate it has been difficult to focus and finish some of what we have set out to do. Many communities have been compromised due to the pandemic. We aren’t relating and sharing with one another in the ways we used to. As the seasons change, our habits also need to change accordingly. It’s time for activation and lasting transformation! 💥

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