Our Present

My SupaNatural Life has been thought of as a chronic condition foundation but we serve from a place of deep compassion. At MSNL we lean into the definition of compassion that allows us to care for one another and move through challenging moments knowing that we are not alone. Our founder, Yani Davis, has dedicated her life to transforming how we show up for those that are disabled, differently-abled and those dealing with mental health challenges. As a survivor of Chronic Kidney Disease, Yani knows all too well the  impact of depression and anxiety on a body attempting to heal. Yani knows the weight of feeling like there is no one to talk to outside of your caregiver. Yani knows the injustices surrounding our healthcare system. Yani has been preparing the launch of MSNL for over two years and the vision for this project was first laid on her heart and in her mind…Yani was dealing with some chronic conditions. 

Our team recognized a need within the world. People needed emotional support throughout their healthcare journeys. We recognized people had no immediate source of care and comfort. We recognized the traveling to a support group can be draining and taxing on the body. We recognized people did not know where to go for grounding, understanding and a listening ear. 

Our core team is working diligently to bring our services to the global village. We are excited about this work and look forward to hearing the stories of “SupaNaturals” all around the world! 

My SupaNatural life is your home for all things Supa and all things Natural.

Our Future

-At this time SupaNatural is mobilizing to get our crisis hotline up and running. 

-We are preparing information around preventative measures for those we care for. This will be done via in person, on line, and virtually. 

-We are setting wholistic practitioners in place to be mentors/guides for individuals and families. 

-We are crafting online support groups for those dealing with chronic conditions. 

-We are gathering stories from people far and wide; those in any phase of a chronic condition, family members, friends, nurses and doctors. 

-We are galvanizing the support of national organizations and foundations to support our “communal care” endeavors. 

-We are dedicating time to serving as advocates around healthcare, treatment and equity within the healthcare system and within public policy and laws. 

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'"

– Mary Anne Radmacher

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