YaNi Davis, is a graduate of Claremont School of Theology with her Masters of Divinity. She is also a graduate of Spelman College, a top HBCU in Atlanta, GA, with an English degree. She has always been passionate about the impact of words, storytelling and healing as tools for transforming the global village. YaNi believes firmly in our power as storytellers and sets this example everyday of her life, whether through the music she creates, the spoken word pieces she shares, the sermons she preaches or the wisdom she imparts into others, YaNi continues to exemplify authenticity and integrity. 


YaNi is a Kidney Transplant Survivor. She has dedicated her life to spending awareness around wholistic care for those navigating varied phases of chronic conditions. So much was missing for Yani in her struggle with Chronic Kidney Disease.  The socio-emotional and spiritual care was seldom to be found. The closest support group was over an hour away. 

My SupaNatural Life is a way for people to receive the emotional and social support they need. The type of care that was in YaNi’s experience. This organization will serve a hub for the type of communal care and compassion that folks may not find within their current health care plan. Yani has envisioned creating on-line and in person brave spaces her entire life. At age 15, YaNi received her Gold Award after having a day-long summit entitled, Access Your Stress. YaNi’s desire to shift the views people have around their health, their bodies and their mental wellness has always been present and continues to impact all of the people she encounters each day. 


 YaNi currently resides in Los Angeles, California, but continues to call Atlanta, GA and Queens, NY home. She is a humble vessel; a scholar, a seer, and steward with a heart for all people. YaNi is the essence of “SupaNatural” and continues to exude authentic qualities of what it means to be this generation's healer and visionary! 

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